Glock 22 Gen 4 Review

“The G22 Gen4 is truly an “everyman’s” handgun, combining reliability, controllability, & excellent firepower with an effective cartridge…”

New Features Found in the GEN 4

  • New dual recoil spring
  • Backstraps for the grip
  • Grip texture
  • Ambidextrous Mag Release
  • Oversize mag release
  • Minor Trigger Changes

Dual Recoil Spring

The dual recoil spring is an all-new design for the G22. Glock has had something related in some of its other models for quite some time. It features captured springs that work together but at different rates. It might best be described as dual compression. The new double recoil spring effects in perceived recoil being lessened. When I shot the new Glock G22 GEN 4 (.40 S&W) at the SHOT Show Media Day, I thought I was shooting a 9mm.

The Glock employees at the SHOT Show threw out numbers that were anywhere from 10-25% reduction in perceived recoil, but as of now, there are no actual numbers being published by Glock. I spoke with R&i Rogers from Team Glock about the new G22 GEN 4.

She feels the Dual recoil spring reduces recoil 20-30% & it takes the “snap” out of the recoil. In comparison, she feels the G17 GEN 4 is already very manageable, but the recoil is dampened. She & Dave Sevigny used G17 GEN 4’s to win two National Pistol Championship titles at the IDPA Indoor Nationals February 25-27, 2010 in Springfield,

Massachusetts. R&i won the High Lady category & placed 12th Master in the SSP (Stock Service Pistol) Class. Dave Sevigny took 1st in the SSP.

Mag Release

The Mag Release is now larger, more comfortable to feel & is ambidextrous; it can be turned to the right side of the gun for left h&ed shooters.Switching the mag release is easy to do. You remove the slide & reach into the mag well with a pair of needle nose pliers. The spring can easily be seen & lifted out to allow the mag release to be freed. Switch sides & put the spring back.

The magazines that grow with the gun are setup for the switch.The GEN 4 magazines will work on older models of Glock but used model magazines won’t work in the GEN 4 when it is set up for left h&ed Mag release. Apparently, the older magazines won’t have the cutout required to work with a left h&ed mag release.

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The GEN 4 trigger bar geometry has been developed to increase the life prospect of the trigger spring as well as give the trigger a crisper texture. The trigger pull weight is still the same & the springs are all the same. The trigger protection is also slightly different to accommodate the grip mounting changes in the GEN 4. The trigger housing is the same as the GEN 3 SF (Short Frame) models.


According to Glock, the GEN 3 & GEN 4 Barrels are interchangeable. *The vessel in the GEN 4 still doesn’t hold the base of the case, but this idea is what allows the gun to feed reliably even when it’s dirty. There are tradeoffs for ultimate security. Aftermarket barrels are relatively low if this bothers you. (*Note- this isn’t an issue unless you are purposing on reloading your brass. The base of the container is purposely large to facilitate more reliable feeding & extraction in a dirty gun or with a broad range of ammunition. The larger unsupported field makes the brass to bulge somewhat near the bottom of the case. The issue to reloaders is that it shortens brass life.)

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Shooting the GEN 4

The Glock G22 GEN 4 was pleasant & easy to shoot, & shot well. I shot groups at 50 feet prone & st&ing (no s&bags or rests). The results were excellent using Remington 180g FMJ. Better units could be achieved using s&bags or rest. I also shot steel at 25 & 50 Yards. I experienced no failures of any sort with the G22 GEN 4 while shooting it. It worked perfectly & reliably.

Range Time

I recently became aware of some ammo producers with which I was previously unfamiliar & chose to query a couple of them on .40-caliber test ammunition. The original maker, Nosler, is probably not an unfamiliar name to the cartridge reloading fraternity, but it is still almost new as far as complete handgun ammunition product is concerned.

I was interested in shooting its 200-grain JHP Bonded Defense part—this bullet load was at one time felt to be optimal for the 10mm per .40 cartridge. Going to the other limit, I contacted Liberty Ammunition for some of its Civil Defense cartridges. In .40 caliber, this load highlights a 60-grain copper, monolithic, fragmenting HP bullet that leaves the barrel at some 2,000 feet/second (fps) with 500 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. For a more conventional, middleweight .40 load, I selected Winchester Ranger LE cartridges with 165-grain T-Series JHP bullets.

My day at the range started with chrono-graphing the three .40 test rounds through the G22 Gen4. The most significant surprise was the speed of the Liberty Ammunition load; while the case rated it at 2,000 fps, my Oehler Model 35P chronograph recorded an average speed of 2,130 fps from the Glock pistol.

I put up bullseye points at the 25-yard line & proceeded to shoot three 5-shot groups with each test cartridge from a bench rest position. My best team, shot with the Liberty HP, featured three in the X-ring & three in the 10-ring at 9 o’clock.

For a practical shooting test, I donned the IMI Defense holster & dual magazine bag, then placed a B-27 competition silhouette target at the 15-yard line. I filled up my magazines with six rounds each of a mix of the test cartridges.

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Backing off 3 yards, I drew & engaged the target with six shots from 3 yards in a point-shoulder stance with only my strong h&, did a combat magazine change, then fired six more shots support-h& just & again reloaded. I then proceeded to 7 yards, where, using an isosceles stance, I fired two shots after drawing, then two more from high ready, & then two more before reloading.

Next, I performed a body armor drill at 7 yards, where I drew & fired two rounds into the center-mass & one to the head; this was repeated from high ready, then another reload. Lastly, at 15 yards, I practiced a barricade. Stepping to cover, I fired two shots from the left side st&ing, two from the right side st&ing & then two from the right side kneeling. Using the scoring rings & counting the 2 headshots as 10 points each, I scored 290/300 with 10 Xs.

Not too bad, but what I failed to notice was that I’d fired much quicker than the allotted times; before I fired each string, I’d begin the Laser Max green guide-rod laser sight & used it for my shots instead of the handgun sights.

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During testing, the Glock 22 Gen4 performed flawlessly, & the test ammo, IMI Defense holster & LaserMax guide-rod laser all served famously.

I don’t think I could be better provided for a plainclothes assignment or self-defense if I practiced anything else. It’s easy to see exactly why the Glock 22 Gen4 has become so popular with both law enforcement agencies & civilians.

The G22 Gen4 is genuinely an “everyman’s” h&gun, combining reliability, controllability, & superior firepower with an efficient cartridge. In my estimation, it earns the title of “Police Special,” & I’d have no qualms depending on it as my daily sidearm.

The Glock series of pistols have to be any of the straightest shooting guns I have ever shot. Within 50 yards hitting a bull’s eye with a little experience is…

The Glock series of pistols have to be some of the straightest shooting guns I have ever shot. Within 50 yards hitting a bullseye with a little experience is relatively straightforward. Shooting past 50 yards can be more difficult but not an impossible task for someone trained extensively with this defense. The .40 S&W; round is ideal for this pistol because it packs a punch and is short enough to where you can carry more rounds in your mag.

With the release of the Generation 3 line of Glock pistols the 2nd Generation ones seem to lack in the feature department. They require a rail for mounting lasers, lights, etc. and just aren’t as user-friendly as the 3rd Generation Glocks.

The Glock 22 to me feels very normal in my hand and is easy to aim. As far as visuals it isn’t one of the more prettier pistols. One of the downsides of the 2nd Generation pistols over the 3rd is that they don’t include the thumb grip used in the 3rd Gen. pistols.

All in all the 2nd Gen. Glock 22 is a brilliant buy and can’t be overlooked. If you are not worried about looks and having the most forward pistol on the market, then this 1 is perfect. It is also the common durable pistol ever made. Whether you throw it in the mud, leave it underwater, or run over it with a truck it will never cease to fire. That is wherever it won me over and will impress you also. It is also straightforward to disassemble, clean, and then reassembled without tools. For just under $550 this is the great buy and outperforms many other pistols in its class and price range.

For More Information

Glock; 770-432-1202

IMI Defense


LaserMax; 800-527-3703


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